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Eco Green Composter

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In Vessel Composting Machines

The Eco Green is particularly compatible with most in-vessel composting equipment. The machine is available with a double chop optional extra facility, guaranteeing a 12mm food waste product. Stationary versions are available with diesel engine or electric motor drive. 

Twin Eco Green stationary machines operating at a large Scottish composting facility.

Small 9m3 machine with sealed hydraulic lid as operated at a West Midlands Zoo.

Stationary machine in operation at wholesale fruit and vegetable market. The machine is used to process a range of products including green waste, fruit, vegetables, flowers, cardboard and pallets.

20m3 electric drive machine with hydrostatic transmission and automatic reversing. One of several machines operated by a large UK in-vessel composting company. 

Small scale in-vessel composting systems suitable for specialist products. Easy to install with small footprint.